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HATHA YOGA for All Levels

(More Clases to be announced for 2017)

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Gabrielle now offers yoga teachings in the form of Hatha Yogasana classes in the central Maine area. She is ecstatic to share her understanding and love of this ancient and yet wholly relevant art/science phenomenon.  Gabrielle is a Certified Yoga Instructor (CYT-200) with over 200 hours of training and over 200 hours of teaching experience as a yoga instructor in a community studio environment.  Her background in the medical field lends 11years of real world knowledge to her understanding of yoga in all types of bodies, especially those with injury or chronic pain.  In addition, as a massage therapist, she focuses heavily on alignment and body-consciousness for safety and maximum progress in her classes.  Her art and jungian psychology background lend a sense of mythology and visual symbolism to her classes, which often include archetypal themes, stories, poetry, art and natural elements in each class as well.  Gabrielle has been a yoga practitioner for over 12 years.  It is her passion.  It is her medicine. It is her art.  

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