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Gabrielle has over 1000 hours of diverse and extensive massage, bodywork and yoga training from which to draw in order to build a personalized massage treatment for you and your body.

She is an experienced body worker in the following modalities: 
     - Swedish Massage
     - Trigger Point Therapy 
     - Specific and Deep Tissue 
     - Myofascial Release
     - Elder Massage
     - Prenatal and Postpartum Massage
     - Medical and Sports Massage for
       acute or chronic conditions
    - Lymphatic Massage
    - Thai Yoga Bodywork 

In addition, Gabrielle enjoys incorporating one or more of the following modalities into her massage treatments:
     - Craniosacral
     - Shiatsu and/or Thai palming 
        and stretches
     - Aromatherapy
     - Hydrotherapy

Click here to learn about any of the above massage modalities.

30 min--$30
60 min--$60
90 min--$90

In addition, a fee of $10 is applied for all house-calls to residences in and around Skowhegan, ME, including Norridgewock, Canaan, Hinckley, Fairfield, Cornville and Madison.  House-calls are willingly made to areas outside of this Skowhegan zone, with an additional fee applied for time spent in travel.  Thank you. 

Also note that due to the nature of mobile massage, extra time is required to set up and take down all of the integral equipment that is used in creating your ideal treatment sanctuary.  Please consider this, so as to ensure adequate time for your massage between the rest of your fruitful daily activities. 

Gift Certificates are available.

Please visit Blue Bridge Massage and Yoga on Facebook to keep up to date on any discounts or specials, in addition to massage tips, exercises and techniques that can help you build a bridge to a better life by building a better body.

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