Blue Bridge Massage & Yoga - Mission Statement
Blue Bridge Massage & Yoga - Building Bridges from Body to Mind
Gabrielle's Mission Statement:

To transpose years of care-giving experience into the field of massage therapy & the studies and teachings of Yoga. 

To incorporate intuitive, nurturing touch and effective massage modalities into a holistic skills set, while also maintaining a strong background in medical, restorative and long-term care-planning within my scope of practice, so as to better facilitate positive change in the lives and bodily worlds of each massage client. 

To maintain and evolve a calming and spirit-centered community-oriented practice through the improvement of Self, in pursuit of continuing education in the field of restorative bodywork and in conjunction with my collegiate learning in the arenas of creative arts, spirituality and human development.   

To participate in, or establish a center for community learning, which focuses on holistic education—the sharing and teaching of creative and therapeutic techniques that improve each individual’s life through acts of self-awareness, creativity and personal empowerment.   

To collaborate with fellow artists, health professionals, therapists, body workers and other spiritually and creatively minded individuals in order to better generate positive and holistic changes in wellness paradigms within the community as well as in each individual.

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