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Wellness Programs for Your Workplace

"Because a business doesn't work without working employees."
--Gabrielle Hunter

Employee Massage and Yoga Benefits

* Massage & Yoga decrease stress levels 
* Massage & Yoga increase overall health 
* Massage & Yoga decrease work and non-work related pain 
* Massage & Yoga increase employee morale 
* Employees regard massage and it’s health benefits as a reward and   
      positive feedback from you, the employer.
* Yoga postures, called Asanas, develop strength and flexibility in the 
      body, also contributing to an accident-free workplace. 
* Yoga postures increase oxygen and blood circulation to the brain and 
      body, thus increasing energy levels and productivity. 
* Yoga breathing exercises, called Pranayama, are an effective stress 
      reduction tool and increase oxygen to the brain and body, increasing 
        stamina and mental sharpness.

Employer Benefits from a Wellness Program

* Massage & Yoga increase employee productivity 
*Massage & Yoga contribute to health & a decrease absenteeism 
*Massage & Yoga are "perks" & increase employee loyalty and work
* Massage & Yoga help to decrease work-related and non-work related 
*Massage & Yoga, both as health improvers and "perks" contribute to a 
      decrease in employee turnover.
*As Health and Wellness incentives, Massage & Yoga can be 100% tax-
      deductible for you, the employer.
*Employee satisfaction and positive wellness results, equals word-of-
      mouth, positive reputation in the community as a business, 
      employer and individual.

The American Massage Therapy Association Says:

“Massage Has Not Only Gone Mainstream—Its Gone Corporate!” 

“Boeing features an Industrial Athlete Program that offers massage to help improve employees’
physical and mental resilience."

“Eddie Bauer offers massage as part of wellness program that includes mammograms, wellness room 
room and personal trainer at the company’s on- site gym.” 

“Google has its own Massage Program Manager; the company has massage going in multiple massage rooms eight hours a day, five days a week.” 

“Companies big and small have discovered the benefits of wellness in the workplace, and they’re using massage as way to attract and keep employees,
while also keeping them productive.”

Massage and Yoga Wellness Programs 
are a Win-Win 
for your business...

Blue Bridge Massage can set-up a temporary massage studio within your business space to allow for in-house wellness treatments. 

Each Massage and Yoga Wellness Package for your business is created to fit your employees’ needs, as well as, your company’s pocket book. 

Your company may offer to pay all or split half of each massage treatment with your employees. 

In, addition, hourly rates are available with discounts for full day and multiple day schedules for companies with small to large staffing groups that wish to participate. 

Health Savings Accounts are also a great way to help employees save money for their wellness needs and save you lost hours due to illness and injury.  Employers and employees can add money to a specified savings account or fund to help them build a wellness routine for work and life. And Massage can be included in allowed spending for this account.

Last, but not least, you can offer weekly or bi-monthly yoga classes for your employees, on-site, to help keep them fit and aware of their physical and mental needs.

Let’s work together to give wellness to your employees, to keep your employees working well for you. 

Also ask about Gift Certificates for employee birthdays, anniversaries, or as client appreciation rewards.

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