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Blue Bridge Massage & Yoga - Building Bridges from Body to Mind

 “If any thing is sacred the human body is sacred.”
            —Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass   

 Blue Bridge Massage and Yoga is the business brainchild of Gabrielle Hunter.  Gabrielle is a licensed massage therapist, who has been running a successful private practice since 2008.  She is adept in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage Techniques and Hot Stone Massage and has experience specifically treating Elder and Pregnant clients, as well as, those with sports and medical related wellness goals.  In addition, she incorporates Energy Medicine knowledge and intuition, as well as, Craniosacral and Aromatherapy skills into each treatment session.  Her ultimate focus is on integrating her diverse knowledge of bodywork with her education in the arts, and human development.  She also enjoys implementing dance and yoga techniques into her own physical movements and therapeutic style as she flows and connect with her clients during treatments.
Gabrielle completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in 2014 and is ecstatic about sharing this new knowledge with the community as well.  To see where she is currently teaching classes or to learn more about her experience as a practitioner of yoga and an instructor please see the yoga page on this site.  

Gabrielle is also a certified nursing assistant, and an artist.  She was a caregiver for eleven years in a long term care facility.  Her experiences with aging and chronic disabilities in this setting prompted her to seek abilities and an education that would help to prevent dis-ease and maintain quality of life and bodily awareness before age-related illnesses took their toll.  This desire to integrate a more nurturing skill set into her work with the geriatric and disabled population led her to massage therapy: a practice that brings a balanced awareness to the human body and how it is so impressively affected by our mental and emotional states. 
As an artist, Gabrielle sees massage as yet another art medium through which to explore and communicate with her clients.  In the case of massage therapy though, hands, heart and an educated mind speak directly to the client, foregoing paint, brush and canvass. 
Gabrielle strives to help her clients to become aware of the quiet wisdom and creative design of their bodies, in order to better care for their lives.
“Art does not reproduce the visible: rather, it makes visible.”
            —Paul Klee, The Inward Vision

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